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Colour Symphony Pte Ltd (Singapore)

514A Geylang Road,

Atrium Residences Commercial Centre, Singapore 389470

Tel: +65 6741 1906

Fax: +65 6741 1907




Overseas Office


Overseas Office

Colour Symphony House (Malaysia)

No. I-3A-3, Block I, Setia Walk,

PRSN Wawasan, Pusat Bandar Puchong,

47160 Puchong, Selangor D. E., Malaysia.

Hp: +6016.212.7583

Tel: +603.8659.7360


Colour Symphony Manila Rep

Kenneth Javier

Mobile: +63 917 8565284


Colour Symphony Myanmar Rep

Mr. Lim Pak Li

Mobile: +95 9551 5577


Q. How do I get the App?

The App can be downloaded from the Apple App store. Simply search for h4ufme SG or h4ufme MY.


Q. What content is included in the App?

The App allows you to purchase single issues, as well as subscriptions, to the digital edition.


Q. Do I have to have an iPad?

Yes. Currently h4ufme Singapore and Malaysia can only be viewed on the iPad. We are working to bring you the iPhone edition.


Q. How am I notified when the latest issue is available to download?

You will see the latest issue when you open the App.


Q. How much does the App cost?

The App itself is free. You can purchase single copies, or an annual subscription, once you download the App. Single copies of NewBeauty are $0.99 and an annual subscription is $4.99. All annual subscriptions are auto-renewed.


Q. Can I purchase back issues in the App?

All issues starting with h4ufme #75 for the Singapore edition and h4ufme #55 for the Malaysia edition are available for purchase.


Q. How do I delete an old issue?

From the Library screen, tap and hold on the cover of the issue that you want to delete. Once it starts to wiggle, tap the Delete button. Deleting an issue can take a few seconds to process. If you paid for an issue, you can always redownload it at any time by tapping the Redownload button.


Q. How do I cancel my digital subscription?

Your subscription will automatically renew until you cancel it through your iTunes account.


Q. Will I be able to access past issues with my digital subscription?

No. Your subscription to the digital edition is just like a print subscription. You will have access to all new issues as they are released for the duration of your subscription.


Q. Why didn't the App fully download to my mobile device?

The most likely cause of this problem is an interruption in your Internet connection during the download process. In order to reinitiate the download process on your device, please follow these steps:


1. Go to the App Store and download the latest version of the h4ufme SG or h4ufme MY App, depending on your choice.


2. Launch the h4ufme App again and then tap on the Refresh button at the top right of the Library screen. You will now be prompted to log in with your App Store ID. After logging in, all of the downloads that you've previously purchased will resume downloading immediately.


Q. Why didn't the App download in a viewable format?

This problem may occur when part of the download is corrupted during the download process or there may be a possible storage space issue on your device. Please check to make sure that you are not out of storage space on your device. You'll need at least 200 MB space available.


If you have the necessary storage space, please follow these steps to correct the problem:


1. Delete the App from your device by tapping and holding on the h4ufme icon (either h4ufme SG or h4ufme MY) on your Home screen. Then, tap the X button when the App starts to wiggle and confirm that you want to delete the App.


2. Once deleted, return to the App Store and download the h4ufme App (either h4ufme SG or h4ufme MY or both) again. Once the download is complete, just tap on the Refresh button at the top right of the library screen. You'll then be prompted to log in with your App Store ID. After logging in, your in-App purchase/subscription will then be restored and the download for the App will begin.



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